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Market Guard

The Power of Knowing

Market Guard® utilizes a non-emotional, methodical, mathematical approach that implements multiple asset allocation models with the purpose of assessing the individual positions in the portfolios and signaling a possible opportune time to HOLD, SELL, or RE-ENTER the markets.

The Market Guard® Model Portfolios are managed to specific equity and fixed income targets and are implemented through the use of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Globally diversified and invested in multiple asset classes from Equities and Fixed Income to Commodities and Real Estate, Market Guard® focuses on an awareness of the individual standard deviation and maximum drawdown to each portfolio and investment methodology.

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Market Guard® Asset Allocation Models

Market Guard® offers three different Asset Allocation Models: STATIC, TARGET, and DYNAMIC. You’ll assess the risk level that each client is comfortable with and choose the model that works best for them. Each model has an action plan built in based on what’s happening in the markets.

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