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Market Guard®

Market Guard® is a complete series of model portfolios created to help empower clients with the highest probability of investment success, while helping to protect their investments along the way.

Market Guard® dedicates relentless effort to excellence, integrity, and innovation. We apply our proprietary investment methodology that utilizes a non-emotional, methodical, mathematical approach to every investment strategy we offer.


Discover the Market Guard® Portfolios

When constructing our portfolios, we conduct a rigorous selection process of the individual securities, followed with a deliberate evaluation to determine the appropriate allocation within each portfolio. Once this process is complete, we recognize the importance of personalization for the individual investor to help them achieve their specific goals.

For this reason, Market Guard® provides the capabilities to custom tailor the exact solution for the investor’s desires. This can be accomplished through our ETF, Individual Stock, Blockchain and Structured Notes model portfolios.

Market Guard’s® portfolios provide a large selection of customization within the Strategic and Tactical management styles. This allows for greater control of tax sensitivity, daily investment experience and active portfolio management utilizing Trend Identification Analysis (TIA).

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